I felt I needed to get “beyond myself” for my business to grow into what I know it can be. Doris helped me reignite my focus and see outside the box I created for my business. She was integral in helping me create a new vision, adopt new tools and remind me of the skills and experience I have acquired over the years to offer my clients. It can be hard single-handedly coming up with the driving force of leading a company. Part of being a good leader is knowing when to ask for help. Having an executive coach like Doris is a must for success. I highly recommend giving yourself and your business the gift of Positive Momentum Coaching by Doris!

Kathyjean, Business Owner

After 6 months of chronic migraines along came Doris on a friend’s Facebook post. It was midnight and I thought to myself, “I have to make my life change now.” My life felt flat lined, hopeless with more than enough anguish. Doris asked me what I wanted to see for my life. Then she compassionately listened to my current events. She has overwhelming empathy which was very comforting. Unlike therapy which may peel layers off the past, Life coaching acknowledges the event or trauma then focuses on moving forward. The major breakthrough was a magic word she said: “Boundaries”, of which I had none. I focused on my heroic level of tolerance which was upside down! To get back to being vivacious, my goal is to live in every moment of every day now. Of course I have many, many challenges in my family, job and letting go of a toxic relationship daily. But the result of Doris, my Life Coach, is she propelled me back into motion, Forward Motion. Thank you!

Christine, Business Owner

Life coaching sessions with Doris was a life changing experience. Before I started my coaching sessions with Doris I felt very “stuck” in my life situation. Dissatisfied and unfocused, but not knowing what to do about it, it seemed there were just too many things that were in need of change, so that I felt completely overwhelmed and paralyzed. Nothing ever seemed to get accomplished! During coaching sessions, Doris encouraged me to take a deeper look at the situations and what was bothering me about them…and then discussed with me how to deal with them one step at a time. She actually described the negative thoughts I had that prevented me to accomplish things as my ‘inner saboteurs’ (I called them ‘little devils’), who I payed more attention to than the hopeful, energetic, and creative other side of me. It was an eye opener to discover that the answers had already been there within myself. I could not have found them without Doris’ coaching skills. As a nice and unexpected bonus I even managed to give up my addiction to candy!

Anne, Consultant

Doris was very helpful and grounding during our life coaching sessions. She helped me stay focused on an idea and led me through steps that helped me to achieve them. She took the time to understand various aspects of my life so that she was able to bring insight into underlying factors affecting my current goals. Doris utilized a combination of methods that were useful, from exploratory discussion to keen observations to visualization techniques. The insight into my experience was like lifting a fog from around me. Overall, the life coaching experience with Doris was very beneficial to my life, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for assistance and focus on reaching their goals.

Liz, Non-Profit Management

I started working with Doris at a time in my life when I had lost my direction. After being self employed in the real estate industry for the past 30 years, the industry had taken a nationwide downturn and had gone into a recession. My business virtually stopped. I had been contemplating going in a completely different direction but wasn’t sure what direction to move in and I had lost my motivation to start something new. I decided to check out for a while and go walk a 300 mile pilgrimage in Spain to re-think my life. After returning, I felt a much clearer sense of where my priorities were and am back in the game. Thank you Doris, for helping me redirect.

Karen, Real Estate Professional

From my very first session with Doris, I went from a state of neediness and self-doubt to a state of possibility and empowerment. I found it very interesting that Doris could hear more than just what I was saying as I answered her initial questions. We ended up in a conversation that opened my eyes to what I really valued in my work and my life—without me even realizing it! I think anyone who needs some direction to help set them confidently on the right path would benefit greatly from Doris’s guidance and coaching.

Alex, Business Owner & Artist


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